What we do

In the field of finance, the old saying that there’s ‘more than one way to skin a cat’ still holds true. Sadly, that’s not the view that many in our industry take. The result is an uninspiring way of working that fails to maximise opportunities or deliver real value.

We work differently. Utilising our vast experience, we aim to find smarter ways to fund and structure deals and debt financings to your best advantage. After all, isn’t that exactly what corporate finance specialists are supposed to do?

Going above and beyond

Introducing borrowers to lenders, or buyers to sellers, is only part of the story. Success depends on bringing deals to fruition. There’s a skill to that, which is where our experience and expertise comes in. Diligent and tenacious, we closely manage every deal we do: supporting, advising, negotiating and if required finding alternative solutions to ensure that each deal closes on time and on budget – leaving no stone unturned

Debt Advisory and Execution
We give careful thought to our clients' objectives and advise on the funding possibilities specific to a client’s situation. With access to both banks and institutional investors we find the optimal funding solution. Within our debt advisory and execution business it is our extensive relationships with debt providers that differentiates us from competitors. Our typical scope of work includes:
  • Building the financial model

  • Advising on appropriate financing structure, security package and repayment profile

  • Analysing the various rating methodologies, likely outcomes and selection of rating agency counterparty. Coordinate the rating process if required

  • Advising on target lenders be it banks or institutional investors

  • Preparation of IM and term sheets

  • Negotiation of terms with potential lenders

  • Managing and coordinating borrower’s and lender’s advisors and due diligence process

  • Obtaining credit approved terms from lenders

  • Advice on implications of any existing hedging and assessment of hedging options

  • Coordinate preparation of finance documents and CP’s alongside legal advisers to allow closing and settlement

  • Amendments & Restructuring
    We regularly assist with amendments and restructuring of existing debt. The need for an amendment or restructuring may be driven by M&A activity, a reorganisation, changes in accounting or as a consequence of adverse market conditions The process may involve buy backs or a consent solicitation. In most cases, amendments can discreetly be agreed with one, or a few investors, in some cases we will need to reach out to a larger group or make a formal offer.
    Financial Modelling
    IDCM's financial modelling team offers a number of different financial modelling services:

    Bespoke Build Services:
  • Project finance / asset backed financial modelling

  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis

  • Cash flow forecasts / integrated financial statements

  • Operational forecasts / budgeting

  • Adaptation / Management Services:
  • Adaptation of an existing financial model for a new purpose or changes are required to the structure of the model

  • Being "on-hand" to run the model for updated information

  • Working with you / external contacts to use or demonstrate your models

  • Advice:
  • We combine our Financial Modelling expertise with real-world Debt and M&A market experience, leaving no stone unturned

  • Buy-side M&A
    Through our strong network and extensive sector expertise, we identify suitable off-market opportunities for financial sponsors. Our knowledge of the valuation approaches used by different bidders provides a competitive edge to our clients in competitive bidding situations. We then deliver best in class execution to maximise the probability of a successful transaction close by:
  • Developing a deal plan and timetable

  • Building the financial model and delivering comprehensive valuation papers

  • Managing and coordinating the due diligence process with each DD adviser

  • Analysing the vendor business plan and supporting the development of a bankable buy-side business plan

  • Preparation of investment committee papers

  • Negotiating the M&A documentation suite, including SPA, ECL, W&I Insurance, etc.

  • Providing bid strategy and deal tactical advice in relation to the sellers

  • Sell-side M&A
    We support sellers of assets by utilising our buyer relationships to run a competitive process that maximises value. Understanding and positioning the business case of the target is essential for maximising the proceeds to the seller and increasing market liquidity. We work closely with the seller’s management team to ensure we present a robust business plan of the existing business as well as identifying near term growth opportunities.

    For sell side mandates our typical scope of work includes:

  • Help with the hiring of the VDD advisers and coordinating the overall VDD process

  • Working with the management team and VDD advisers to prepare high quality sales materials

  • Building a financial model that reflects the sellers’ business plan and provides flexibility for the buyers’ analysis

  • During the preparatory phase of the sale process, we engage with a target group of potential buyers to communicate key messages supporting the vendor's business plan

  • During the preparatory phase of the sale process, we engage with a target group of potential buyers to communicate key messages supporting the vendor's business plan

  • During the pre-marketing phase, we reach out to a wider pool of buyers to communicate the key investment highlights and an overview of the asset to the market

  • During the competitive bidding phases, we assist potential buyers with everything they need to provide credible binding offers including coordinating the Q&A process as well as the various expert and management sessions

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