Gresham House New Energy – Battery Storage
£13,000,000 / Senior Secured Fixed Rate Loan due 2028

Following the successful refinancing of their solar portfolio in 2013 and 2015 with IDCM, Gresham House New Energy (formerly Hazel Capital LLP) mandated IDCM to arrange debt finance for three battery storage sites delivering frequency control and capacity market services to the national grid.

Given the nature of underlying revenue stack, this was a challenging transaction for which IDCM built a fully functioning transaction model including taking it through the audit process. It is a clear testament to our ability to close complex transactions and deliver bespoke financing solutions to our clients.

They did a great job of managing the whole process and all the relevant parties involved from start to finish. We look forward to reaching out to them again!
Ben Guest Fund Manager, Head of British Strategic Investment Fund

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